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Adam Christensen en Pavilion Nordico

Nota sobre la performance de Adam Christensen durante la exhibición “Reacción a Islandia” curada por Gudny Gudmundsdottir en la residencia Pavilion Nordico, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Abril 2019
Spanish - Revista Otra Parte:

ph Dagurke. Courtesy Pavilion Nordico


Nota sobre la exhibición “Biodélica” de Florencia Rodriguez Giles en la galería Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Octubre 2018, Revista Otra Parte y Lobo Suelto (anarquía coronada):
Español_ versión 1_
Español_ versión 2_


ph courtesy Ruth Benzacar Gallery.

Toda referencia que indica que esto es un simulacro arruina la experiencia

Nota sobre la exhibición “Ficción primitiva” de Mariana Telleria en la galería Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Junio 2018, Revista Otra Parte y Lobo Suelto, Anarquía Coronada Dos versiones son leves modificaciones cada una adaptadas a los criterios editoriales de cada publicación:
Español_ versión 1_
Español_versión 2_

English translation soon

This short essay I wrote about Mariana Telleria' s exhibition at Ruth Benzacar gallery, titled "Primitive Fiction" has two different versions, fitting the editorial´s structures. Although there is no English translation of the text yet, I'm translating some key aspects down here:

The title of the piece reads: "Every reference that indicate this is a simulacrum ruins the experience". There is a lot of thinking and some theory embedded but I don't quote anyone else than God. Deus ex natura.

Mariana Telleria' s bio:
"I was born in Rufino, Santa Fe province in 1979. In 1998 I've moved to Rosario to study Fine Arts at Rosario's National University. I've never finished my studies and neither assisted to art crits nor workshops or seminars. However, I do spend time and share ideas with exceptional friends. I am not always moved nor surprised by the unexpected neither all information coming from external sources. Most of the time, I found surprise in my own searches and their register or memory . Every idea I have has not originated as an isolated fact but as forms or compositions articulating and ordering those things that are there and interpellate me, even if I don't recognize them immediately. It is in this process of recognition, when I'm confidently lost until I found one path I feel I need to follow, when the inner work of history and the process of extremelly personal and biological journey are chained to the circumscribing operation of the context. Many times this follows from revising once and again my own work. Then, I follow my own hand.
Everything I do is true. I am not true when I speak. What I say can never reaches what happens, therefore I don't want to name it. Speaking means more cheating than making. And fortunately, I believe I haven't done enough yet". Mariana Telleria, 2018

ph courtesy Ruth Benzacar Gallery.


pensamiento colectivo en exhibiciones de arte contemporáneo
Collective Thinking in Contemporary Art Exhibitions. Currently taking place in Buenos Aires.

the educational turn
instituting otherwise

Todo lo profundo ama el disfraz es un grupo de visitas a exhibiciones de arte contemporáneo en la ciudad de Buenos Aires para adultos y jóvenes adultos. El mismo tiene una frecuencia de dos veces por mes, y una duración de 2hs aproximadamente cada encuentro.

El siguiente taller, seminario o grupo de reflexión se propone como una alternativa a la tradicional visita guiada. Su objetivo es combatir el miedo a acercarse al arte contemporáneo mientras que propone activar reflexiones en torno a ideas artísticas e ideas que exceden a la obra en sí, convergiendo o divergiendo hacia otros campos. De esta manera, se buscará activar conocimientos dormidos en nuestro inconsciente y transformar la experiencia de visitar una exhibición en un ejercicio de atención, disfrute y molestia, como así también ocurre en la experiencia de lectura. Explotando la dinámica de grupo, intentaremos sumar las fuerzas de todos los participantes para enriquecer el pensamiento colectivo.
Se visitarán museos e instituciones como el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, el Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, la Fundación Fortabat, la Fundación PROA, como así galerías privadas y espacios alternativos de la ciudad.

Para consultas sobre el grupo en español:

Todo lo profundo ama el disfraz (Everything profound loves a disguise) is a group of people that visits contemporary art exhibitions currently in Buenos Aires. It takes place once a week or twice a month and each meeting has a duration of two hours. The seminar stands as a group to "reflect together" while building a plot collaboratively. It works as an alternative to the traditional guided visit given by cultural institutions. The group tries to encourage approaching art from a playful way, overcoming prejudices and fears of the contemporary art world. Its objective is to use artworks as points of departure for a broader analysis of the paradigm they are inserted in and the possible relations and connections they can have to other fields and topics. Therefore, we will try to activate unconscious knowledge that we tend to forget, for the experience of thinking and feeling together. Heterogeneous backgrounds are thought to enrich the experience. We will visit a number of renowned art institutions and museums, as well as private galleries and independent spaces in Buenos Aires.

Everything that is deep loves the mask is a quote from Nietzsche´s thinking.
Also interpreted by Gustavo Cerati, Argentinean musician, and poet:

Everything deep loves the mask is also available for English speakers. Inquiries at


I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;
But I know, too,
That the blackbird is involved
In what I know.

Wallace Stevens
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

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