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How can we re-think our own contradictions? What does collaboration mean?

Every day I confront myself with people inhabiting and developing their work inside the so-called art world, which seem to replicate a discourse around ‘collaborative practices’ and ‘building communities’ without deeply understanding what collaborative work means. They are hesitant of sharing information. They are suspicious of their fellow colleagues. We criticise a system yet we seem unable to stop replicating it from the moment we get out of bed.

Worried about the implications of the meaning of ´make your actions reflect your words´, I am interested in diving into a research, thinking and project practice involving contemporary artists, curators and thinkers from an horizontal perspective. I see myself as an art agent who observes the world critically through curatorial lens. I have been always interested in working among horizontal teams, exploring different ways of thinking through reading groups, publications and exhibitions among other platforms. I consider art as a transversal tool that can enable a dialogue with a panoply of interesting fields from the natural to the social and cultural ones. 

I am interested in those ideas, people, objects and things that can challenge my way of seeing and thinking the World.


¿Cómo podemos re-pensar nuestras propias contradicciones? ¿Qué quiere decir COLABORACIÓN?

Todos los días me confronto a un mundo de personas que habitan y desarrollan su actividad en el “mundo del arte” quienes replican un discurso sobre prácticas colaborativas y construcción de comunidades sin entender la profundidad de lo que implica colaborar. Desde mi lugar de agente cultural que mira el mundo de forma crítica a través de lentes curatoriales me interesa indagar sobre prácticas de investigación, pensamiento y proyectos que reúnan artistas contemporáneos, curadores y pensadores en plataformas de trabajo horizontal. Desde mis comienzos estuve interesada en el trabajo colaborativo, el cual puede tomar distintos formatos: grupos de lectura, publicaciones, exhibiciones, entre otras plataformas. Considero el arte como una herramienta trasversal desde la cual entablar un diálogo con una panoplia de universos y conocimientos interesantes.   
Estoy interesada en aquellas ideas, personas, objetos y cosas que pueden transformar mi forma de ver y pensar el mundo.

RZ, 2019

William Carlos Williams
This is the trap — either what we seek is within the bounds of the understanding or beyond it. If outside it does not exist for us, much less for our imagination; if inside it is bounded by that and must be so defined before it can be conceived — this precedes all further progress.

The Embodiment of Knowledge


I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;
But I know, too,
That the blackbird is involved
In what I know.

Wallace Stevens
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

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